New Complex

A Multiplex could include:

  • library
  • walking track
  • curling rink
  • multipurpose room for arts and crafts
  • daycare
  • new ice surface
  • hiring a recreation director
The Rural Municipality of Tache is completing a major review of how recreational needs for our Municipality could be delivered. As many of you might recall, a recreation needs assessment was previously completed. The next step is a feasibility study to develop a plan for program delivery to meet these needs, and ultimately, a plan for a Multiplex. A Multiplex could include a library, walking track, curling rink, multipurpose room for arts and crafts, a daycare, and a new ice surface. The Municipality has applied for a grant to help fund the feasibility study. Other considerations for recreation include hiring a recreation director, as other communities have done.

The feasibility study process is largely community driven. Six of the eight board members will be appointed from the various geographical areas within our Municipality. These individuals are responsible to liaise with the community and work with the consultant to provide community input. The other two board members are from the Rural Municipality of Tache Council.

The development of the plan assists the Municipality in two key activities. First, funding discussions with the municipal, provincial, and federal governments, as well as private sources, can occur. Discussions with individuals responsible for community fundraising would be ongoing. The plan also ensures that all members of the community are aware of the anticipated stages of development, and consultations with individuals throughout the Municipality can occur.


Community Fundraising

The other key initiative required to support a Multiplex is community fundraising. This initiative has been largely driven by Tache Multiplex Fundraising Committee. Their approach has been to team up with the various community fundraising groups to work together to fundraise for a Multiplex, rather than having a number of smaller groups doing their own activities. This should assist in developing a comprehensive fundraising plan using great ideas from a variety of individuals/groups throughout our community.  If you would like to be a part of making our Municipality better by assisting with our fundraising plan, please contact the RM of Tache.



If you would like to make a donation to the New Complex Fund, please submit it to the RM of Tache and you will be issued a tax receipt.